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Development Update #2

A wrap-up of Chainlink Oracle Reputation's development. - 2020-06-02

Welcome to the second instalment of Chainlink Oracle Reputation’s Development updates. As always, it’s been an exciting time in the Chainlink space, and we’ve been hard at work improving and enriching the COR experience. We also shared a little insight on some of the Chainlink network’s wilder rides, if you caught that a few weeks ago. Of course, we’ve also been focussed on furthering our engagement with the Chainlink community; continued our quest for feedback, and grown our ambition even more. So, without any further ado, let’s run over what’s new.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.10.34 am.png

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It was interesting to discover that the community values the cumulative response value, rather than simply at a momentary interval. Consequently, we have gone ahead and ordered the first page of oracles by this cumulative response ratio. We’ve also invested a little extra time into improving our infrastructure and expanding our resources with the goal of bettering the experience for everyone.

New Features

As usual, we’ve pushed along in the mindset of undertaking feature-driven development. Here are some of the new items that we’ve built out in the last month.

Ropsten Support

We now offer the entire COR visualisation tooling for the Ropsten Testnet. Testnet monitoring functionality allows for node operators to monitor their performance before making the jump to the main Ethereum network. We’re delivering this with the belief that it will help create a competitive and high performing oracle network with well adapted operators. Depending on the community feedback, we could very well extend beyond Ropsten if the desire is there. We’d love to hear your thoughts so let us know.

Enhanced Contract Analysis

Data visualisation is a fantastic mechanism for absorbing information. We’ve developed COR to offer a more comprehensive view of the contracts and their historical responses.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.12.45 am.png

Aave & Synthetix Integration

While our Synthetix reads were available prior to this update, we’ve since developed this further by highlighting Aave’s utilisation of the Chainlink aggregator contracts. Highlighting the utilisation of Chainlink’s resources is a fantastic way of truly realising the magnitude of the network’s potential. We aim to deliver several more integrations over the coming weeks and months. Do you want your protocol’s use of Chainlink data shown on COR earlier? Let us know.

To Come

Rather than only focusing on what we have achieved over the past month, we also want to provide you with a tiny bit of insight into COR’s plans going forward.

Customisable Queries

One of the most frequent questions we receive runs along the lines of “how can I see the response time of the node (x) when there are high gas prices (y) for my oracle?” Well, we’re currently working on providing the most granular analytics tool that allows for conditional analysis. It permits anyone to rank, score and analyse oracles with as much or as little detail as they see fit. No promises, but there’s a good chance the front end might even look like this (just a little less obfuscated 😉):

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.17.38 am.png

Custom Comparisons: Offering even more clarity on COR

To Finish Up

There is always more to do, so we’ll keep at it. As always, join us in our discord, our send a message our way via Twitter.

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