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Development Update #3

A wrap-up of Chainlink Oracle Reputation's development. - 2020-09-03

We have had an exciting few months since our previous publication. From our segment at SmartCon to new feature releases, we have plenty of news to share.

General Update

For those who tuned in to SmartCon last weekend, you would have heard our presentation where we spoke about our development plans for Just before SmartCon, Chainlink announced that they have awarded us with a grant to allow us to continue building out to become a Chainlink block explorer.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 2.54.52 pm.png

ChainLink announcing the grant on Twitter

We’re looking forward to allocating these funds to expand and improve upon’s services. Our roadmap contains several significant features that we plan to release over the coming months to ensure captures the universally connected smart contracts on the Chainlink Network. We have been working hard at optimising our infrastructure to handle an ever increasing demand for different real-time and historical data insights relevant to the Chainlink Network.

Feature Updates

Real-time transaction streaming

We have decided to take full advantage of our in-house data pipeline to enable live transaction streaming on oracle pages. While it is more of a developer’s tool in its current state, we aim to expand this into a fully-featured block explorer with advanced filtering and querying. We also hope to add support for transactions pending in the mempool in the very near future.

Better gauges for oracle quality

We have expanded our oracle pages to allow users to assess oracles at a glance by displaying key metrics for each registered oracle. Node operators and Chainlink users can now view performance statistics for each oracle, with the ability to filter the data according to different time intervals. PS: It’s great to see that we now have all 41/41 active oracles registered on!


Aggregated price breakdown

You’d all be familiar with the historical aggregated price that displays for each contract on the Chainlink network. To better visualise the aggregation as well as oracle qualities, we have added the option to compare oracle responses to the aggregated price.


Behind the scenes

While focusing on feature development, the team has also been working hard on improving the core components of’s backend. To accommodate for increased traffic over the past months we have optimised our database ops and introduced caching, while simultaneously scaling our resources. The infrastructure and data pipeline will prioritise performance as we grow with Chainlink’s rapid adoption.

Upcoming Releases

In future releases you will witness transform into a Chainlink block explorer that monitors, visualises and contextualises all Chainlink related activity. Our first step towards capturing Chainlink’s universally connected smart contracts is to highlight the total value secured by the Chainlink Network, in relation to the integrated protocols, price feeds and oracles.

Final Words

We’re currently looking for a product designer and backend developer with industry experience to help us execute on all our goals for So please jump on our Discord and start a conversation. As always, we’re eager to hear about what you’d like to see from in the months ahead!

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