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Development Update #6

A fortnightly wrap-up of's development - 2021-01-19

General Update

The team is excited to return to development and kick start a monumental 2021. We concluded 2020 by reflecting on the year and all that it entailed for Chainlink and Take a look at our yearly review here. This fortnightly update will highlight some of the upcoming updates and recent developments for, as well as the latest articles to feature on Illumination. If you'd like to receive these updates directly into your inbox, sign up for our newsletter here.

Chainlink's movements

Feature Update

Several features have been worked on to start the new year:

  • The contracts page is being updated to provide an optimised user experience, allowing users to explore information more efficiently.
  • The team has improved the speed and functionality of the whole platform, specifically the oracle page.
  • The current login process for is under reconstruction, as the team strategies new ways for node operators to register and interact with the platform.

Daily Statistic

An exciting statistic that observed today (18/01/21):

COR twitter infographics (12).png

Get Involved

We’ve launched a space for community members to request features, provide feedback, and get involved in building Visit to help guide the development of

Up Next

  • The team will continue to develop the premium monitoring and alerting feature. This will allow users to select event types based on oracle-specific contract specifications.
  • An upcoming article on Chainlink’s Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) update will be released soon. It’s a technical deep-dive that addresses the questions we have received from the community regarding what the update entails for Chainlink and The article will be released on Illumination.
  • Illumination will continue to push more installments of the Node Operator series, as well as other community-created opinion pieces. You can get involved by applying here.
  • A sharp focus has been placed on ensuring the platform is scalable and as such, many feature updates have entered the pipeline. We want to grow and develop alongside the Chainlink network.

Final Words

It’s an exciting start to the new year for With a roadmap full of product development, the team is looking forward to the next two weeks. As always, please join our Discord and share your thoughts.

Stay tuned for the next release.

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