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Development Update #7

A monthly wrap-up of's development - 2021-02-23

General Update

As always, we’ve had an exciting month developing, releasing educational pieces, and watching the Chainlink network grow. Here's a look at our recent developments, plus a sneak peek at a handful of upcoming releases.

Chainlink’s Roadwork

  • Chainlink contracts are now on Polkadot. Plasm will integrate Chainlink oracles to make off-chain data and data-provider operated nodes available to Polkadot developers.
  • Chainlink has officially joined the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Global Education Coalition, to increase global awareness and understanding of blockchains, smart contracts, and oracle technology.
  • Nasdaq published Adelyn’s byline on the ways in which blockchains and oracles are enabling new types of parametric contracts within the global insurance industry. The piece remained on the front page of the Nasdaq’s website for a full day.
  • Sergey’s comments on Ethereum’s momentum were picked up in an article for Business Insider. Notably, the piece described Chainlink as the “world's largest DeFi project”.
  • CoinDesk wrote a full-length piece on Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems becoming a top node operator on the Chainlink network.

Feature Update

Contracts Page

We’ve updated our contract pages to enhance usability and allow users to explore Chainlink price feeds with ease. For example, check out the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 (FTSE) / Great British Pound (GBP) feed here.

Users can now access a holistic view of the nodes supporting each price feed, showing the nodes’ current ETH balances and their number of transactions on the feed. Users looking to dive deeper can view the contract data grouped by rounds, highlighting which oracles responded to each round and if so, the value that they returned.

COR 1st graph.png

A few more features will be patched in the coming days to display response times and the date associated with each round.

As mentioned in the previous update, we’re working on improving our backend. We’ve modified how we collect, analyse, and store our data. Our new system is designed to deliver more complex data and statistics about the Chainlink network at high speed. The team hopes that this effort will allow to grow alongside Chainlink and its community.

Daily Statistic

An exciting statistic that observed on the 22/02/21:

Cor stat of day.png

Get Involved

We're continuing to share the thoughts and opinions of the community. Last month, Harry Papacharissiou discussed his ideal decentralised oracle network. Harry recently won a Chainlink virtual hackathon with his solution that allows Chainlink to connect Tesla's API to a decentralised vehicle rental platform.

If you have something to say about the oracle space, there’s an opportunity for you to be published on Illumination. Applications are open, so get involved here.

Want to aid the development of We’re open to any and all feedback. Visit to have your say in’s roadmap.

Up Next

  • We plan to introduce a function that allows node operators to add funds to their node directly from their node’s profile.
  • Acting on the feedback we have received from our community, we’ve returned our focus on capturing the Total Value Secured (TVS) by Chainlink. More information on this update will come later.
  • The premium ‘Monitoring and Alerting’ feature has been tested. It will be launched as part of a large release that’s coming soon.
  • OCR support has commenced alongside the new system infrastructure that the team is working on.

Final Words

The team will continue to develop the platform and report on the Chainlink network alongside its community. We are looking forward to what’s in store for next month.

Stay tuned.

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