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Development Update #4

A fortnightly wrap-up of's development - 2020-12-11

General Update

It's been a busy couple of weeks at, with several new updates to the platform and many other features that are soon to be released. As part of our growth, we're excited to launch our inaugural newsletter, which provides an overview of our fortnightly progress. We'll keep the updates rolling into your inbox if you're signed up, and have them posted here soon after.

Chainlink's movements

  • Chainlink made a switch to flux aggregator contracts. Read up on it here.
  • OCR development for off-chain aggregation and reporting between nodes.
  • Keep3r's integration with Chainlink. Check out our latest article here.

Feature Update

We're excited to announce that has launched Illumination: a blog for sharing educational resources.

Expect to see all the latest deep-dives & development updates. We've introduced a new series called 'From the Community'. This series features opinion pieces written by community members. Applications are now open and you're encouraged to apply!

Get involved → Apply here

A number of updates were made to the contracts page and the overall platform:

  • Flux aggregator contracts are now supported and default for both the global search and the contracts page, reflecting the state of the network.
  • Small valued outputs on are now displayed more accurately: values are correctly displayed to the 4th decimal place.
  • Caching was re-deployed which solved timeout and slowdown issues.
  • Graph data is now appropriately aggregated according to a timescale which fixed some display issues.
  • Minor usability upgrades throughout's interface.

In the News

We participated in a live AMA with Chainlink where we discussed our approach to developing, the Chainlink Community Grant that we were awarded, and the implications of the recent Keep3r and Chainlink integrations.

Behind the Scenes

While we have focused on feature development and fixes over the last fortnight, our team has also been growing. We welcome Chainlink Virtual Hackathon 2020 winners Aram Moghaddassi and Matt Durkin who have joined the team.

Check out the innovative projects they built during the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon 2020 here.

Up Next

  • We're commencing a transition to an open source model to speed up the development of
  • As part of the open sourcing initiative, we will facilitate “plug and play” functionality. This involves updating both of our data pipelines so any blockchain or protocol can be integrated into our primary database and added to our API seamlessly.
  • We're building a premium monitoring and alerting feature to allow users to select event types based on oracle-specific contract specifications. The feature will focus on network activity such as the outcome of transactions, node balances, and the heartbeat of nodes.
  • A 'Node Operator' series is launching this December on Illumination. The first article of the series will feature Patrick Collins who runs the trusted Alpha Chain node. If you would like your node featured on Illumination earlier, get in contact at
  • Incoming updates to contract pages, to group the transaction data by Round ID.
  • An important expansion to the number of networks available at

Final Words

These are exciting times for, with several significant features coming to fruition in coming weeks. The growing team is excited for the future of Chainlink and will continue to support the thriving community behind it. As always, please join our Discord.

Stay tuned for the next release.

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